Chandelier decorated with a Knight

The rediscovery of medieval culture in the 19th century borrowed from history, creating of a style we have characterized as “Troubadour”. Initially from the literature of Sr. Walter Scott, then from painting by François Fleury-Richard and Pierre Revoil, this intellectual movement quickly establish itself in the decorative arts. This chandelier with “the knight in armor” perfectly illustrates the desire for historical rediscovery in the arts which corresponds to the royalist and nationalist movement of the Duchesse de Berry. Mounted with trophies, weapons, ceremonial mace, halberds, shields, clubs, torches and trumpets, the knight in armor is very close to the naturalistic style of works by Frémiet. This chandelier is similar to his famous Jeanne d’Arc and Saint Michel terrassant le dragon.

A chandelier of nine arms of light with chivalrous weapons and trophies, around a knight in armor holding a banner of war.

Bronze with silvered patina
French work, circa 1870
H : 37 13/32 in ; D : 23 5/8 in

Grands candélabres

Attribué à Nicolas-Germain Charpentier (1807-1864), d’après Jean-François Théodore
Gechter (1796-1844)

Paires de grands candélabres ornés de trophées d’armes chevaleresques.
Bronze patiné, doré et argenté, et marbre. Redorure, réargenture et nettoyage récents. Travail français, 1ère moitié du XIXème siècle
Hauteur : 74 cm Largeur : 28 cm

Lustre Les Captifs

Attribué à Nicolas-Germain Charpentier (1807-1864), d’après Jean-François Théodore Gechter (1796-1844)
Lustre à 18 lumières figurant 3 captifs en son centre et symbolisant la victoire de Rome sur la Gaulle
Bronze doré et bronze patiné.
Travail français première moitié du XIXème siècle
Hauteur: 110 cm Diamètre: 100 cm

Pairs of Candelabras and Candlesticks with trophies

Nicolas-Germain Charpentier (1807- 1864), from Jean-François Théodore Gechter (1796-1844),
Bronze with gilded and silvered patina French work, circa 1870
Candelabras: Ht: 19,29 inch ; D: 8,66 inch Candelesticks : Ht 12,99 inch ; D: 4,72 inch
Two pairs of candelabras and candlesticks ornamented w